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 (Last Updated: 23-AUG-10)


  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands


CREG (Belgium)

Alain Marien


+32 2 289 76 45


The Central-West electricity REM is led by the Belgian federal Energy Regulator (CREG) and aims to integrate Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands into one electricity regional market. 

The Central-West electricity REM represents 1,1 million GWh of electricity consumption, 42% of the EU 25 electricity market. 

This electricity REM is composed of the funding EU member states and includes some of the biggest market operators in Europe. Harmonization and improvement of long-term explicit auction rules, implementation of a day-ahead flow-based market coupling, implementation of cross-border intraday trade, maximisation of the amount and the utilization of cross-border capacities, and transparency are the key priorities of the Central-West electricity REM.


January 2008

General issues

  • First dedicated meeting on a regional market monitoring will be organised by the five regulators in February 2008.

Priority I: Long term explicit auction rules

  • The harmonisation and improvement of long term auction, the regulators have elaborated, after consultation of market parties and in coordination with TSOs, a common position concerning the harmonisation and improvement of auction rules (see the conclusions of the 6th RCC meeting). To this end a common, regional TSO company was announced by the TSOs in December 2007 for the operation of these long term explicit auctions. The objective is the implementation of a harmonised & improved set of auction rules for 2009 auctions.

Priority II: Day-ahead market coupling

  • The implementation of a flow based market coupling in day ahead was a main priority in 2007. This project requires the collaboration of several TSOs and PXs. TSOs started the development of a flow based allocation mechanism taking explicitly into account as much as possible the physical constraints of the system. Detailed implementation studies should be delivered in 2008 and the implementation is foreseen beginning of 2009.  

Priority III: Cross-border intra day trade

  • An interim intraday mechanism based on an improved pro-rata system has been implemented in June 2007 on the Belgian French border.
  • The same system shall be implemented on the Belgian Dutch border in June 2008.
  • An intraday system based on continuous trading shall be implemented on the Dutch German border for April 2008.
  • Concerning the regional target solution, regulators are currently elaborating a consultation document, in collaboration with the TSOs. The consultation should be organised during summer 2008.

Priority V: Transparency

  • In accordance with article 1.10 of the Congestion Management Guidelines, the regulators have indicated in their transparency report published end 2007, how the transparency requirements of the Congestion Management Guidelines should be implemented (see the transparency report in the Press Releases section).


June 2007 

General issues

  • A Memorandum of Understanding among Ministries, Regulators, TSOs, Power Exchanges and other relevant stakeholders in the region was signed in June. The MoU concerned the implementation of day-ahead flow-based market coupling (by January 2009), a regional flow-based market coupling, security of supply and the support of the Action Plan which was published since the beginning of the year (February 2007).

February 2007 

General issues

  • In February 2007 the Central West Electricity REM has published an entirely regional Action Plan for the coming two years.
  • The German regulator published three studies on the Open Market Coupling concept of the EEX
  • In 2006 the focus was twofold:
    • Good and accurate implementation of the two road maps, fostering wholesale market integration for Be-Nl-Fr and Fr-Ge, which had been established end 2005.
    • Drafting of a common entirely regional Action Plan.

Priority I: Long term explicit auction rules

  • Explicit auctions established on all the borders in the region.
  • Common definition of ‘Force Majeure’ implemented (Be-Fr-Nl & Fr-Ge).
  • Increase in long-term capacity & multi-stage annual auctions (Be-Nl & Nl-Ge).
  • TSOs are requested to submit a detailed proposal for the harmonization and improvement of the explicit auction rules, which will be published for the consultation of stakeholders. The new auction rules must be implemented in January 2008.

Priority II: Day-ahead market coupling

  • Trilateral market coupling established (Be-Fr-Nl).
  • On 1st February there will be a workshop organized by BNetzA on open market coupling, where the stakeholders, governments, TSOs and power exchanges will be invited.
  • TSOs are requested to submit a detailed proposal, which will be published for the consultation of stakeholders, for implementation by 2008.  

Priority III: Cross-border intra day trade

  •  TSO proposal for cross-border intraday trade (Be-Fr-Nl & Fr-Ge) has been submitted.
  • Transitory cross-border intra-day trade mechanism will be implemented early 2007 (Be-Fr).
  • TSOs are requested to submit a detailed regional proposal, which will be published for the consultation of stakeholders, for implementation by 2008.

Priority IV: Maximisation of cross-border capacities

  • TSOs are requested to submit a joint proposal for a regional incentive scheme, allowing the maximisation of the amount and of the utilisation of firm cross-border capacities in the Central-West region.

Priority V: Transparency

  • Publication of detailed list of transparency items (entirely regional)

Other areas where (smaller) actions will be taken: cross-border balancing trade, common cross-border capacity calculation, regional transmission investment plan, regional market monitoring.








Congestion Management

Other (region specific)

'Road maps' -maximise use of and increase transmission capacity (S)

Common cross-border capacity calculation (M)

Single auction office (L)

Increased transparency across entire region (S)

Harmonization and improvement of data exchange (M)



'Road maps' -cross-border intraday and balancing trade (S)

'Road maps' -monitoring by and co-operation between regulators (S)

Enhanced regional market monitoring (M)

'Road maps' - facilitate functioning of explicit auctions (S)

Flow-based allocation (M)

Cross-border re-dispatching (L).

Trilateral market coupling (BE-FR-NL)

Implementation and progress monitoring of common road map for integration of the electricity wholesale markets (BE-FR-NL and FR-GY)

Short term: (S) Medium term: (M) Long term: (L)



All documents for public consultation will be available in this place