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 (Last Updated: 23-AUG-10)

The development of regional gas markets, together with further liberalisation at a national level, is an important and practical step towards the eventual goal of a competitive single European gas market. ERGEG launched on 25 April 2006 a Gas Regional Initiative (GRI), made up of  three gas Regional Energy Markets (REMs):


The overall aim of the gas regional initiative is to push forward, at a practical level, the development of regional markets in collaboration with industry, Member States, the European Commission and other stakeholders.

The gas REMs tackle at a regional level barriers to competition, such as the lack of market integration, transparency and balancing issues, highlighted in DG Competition’s energy sector inquiry.

An integral part of the Gas Regional Initiative is the proper involvement of all relevant stakeholders. The institutional set-up consists of the Regional Co-ordination Committee, together with the Implementation and Stakeholder Groups. A Lead Regulator has been appointed for each REM to chair and co-ordinate work within the region. View the organisational structure and glossary of terms.

ERGEG monitors and presents Progress Reports to the Madrid Forum on the GRI. Detailed information on each REM is posted in the individual folders for the region on the left, along with the Press Releases. Ongoing public consultations in the regionos are detailed below.


This Gas Regional Initiative (GRI) is the result of a public consultation process on the ERGEG paper on a

For additional information about the GRI, next steps and the general timetable, see the