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2nd SG meeting for the North region
Date: 23.10.2007 - 24.10.2007
Location: Kurhaus
The Hague

Underneath are the voting outcomes, the minutes, some presentations and the papers of the SG meeting in the Hague that was held on the 24th of October.

All latest actionplans, information and progress on all priorities can be found underneath.

progress report
report on progress in the last year in the GRI NW on all priorities
presentation by Shell W. Schaefer
Presentation by W. Schaefer on the 3rd package
Transparency by Sonia Brown
presentation by Sonia Brown of OFGEM in the transparency panel
Sumary of TSO plans
Transparency: summary of transmission transparency plans by operators made by ofgem
transparency project transmission
Transparency: proposal for improvements in transparency on transmission
schedule improvement transmission transparency
Tranparency: schedule for transmission improvement transparency
project plan day ahead pilot
Capacity: project plan day ahead pilot
Tentative Action Plan - GTF
Hubs: action plan for the GTF
statement on GRI NW by EnergieNed
statement on GRI NW by EnergieNed for the SG participants
registered SG
who will join us at the SG?
Invitation, registration form and preliminary agenda
Agenda for the SG Agenda for the SG
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Centrica Storage presentation transparency: improvement of storage transparency
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communique on open season primary markets: coordinated open season
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Conclusion Peter Plug  short conclusionary slide Peter Plug
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Cover note for interactions study Balancing: cover note for proposal case study
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cover note interactions report for gas balancing  Balancing: cover note interactions report for gas balancing
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Cover note less then 3 guidelines transparency: less then 3 guidelines agreed upon by regulators
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Draft interactions study  Balancing: proposal for case study
    Microsoft Word Publish Date: 22-OCT-2007 09:25 AM  Document Size: 143872 bytes

Gas Balancing - Progress Update Balancing: progress update
    Adobe Portable Document Format Publish Date: 22-OCT-2007 09:23 AM  Document Size: 48498 bytes

GSE storage Transparency Plan transparency: actions for transparency on storage
    Microsoft Word Publish Date: 18-OCT-2007 01:24 PM  Document Size: 57856 bytes

interactions report for gas balancing Balancing: interactions report for gas balancing
    Microsoft Word Publish Date: 09-NOV-2007 11:40 AM  Document Size: 143872 bytes

Interim Report DTe BNetzA on BOS capacity: Interim Report DTe BNetzA on BOS
    Microsoft Word Publish Date: 23-OCT-2007 05:27 PM  Document Size: 1168384 bytes

itinerary  itinerary to the kuhrhaus
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leaflet on progress Summary of progress made in the GRI NW
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legal Paper day ahead Capacity: Legal paper identifying legal bottlenecks for day ahead pilot
    File Publish Date: 22-OCT-2007 10:48 AM  Document Size: 604154 bytes

MoU between regulators regulatory coordination: MoU between regulators to be signed on the 23rd of October
    Microsoft Word Publish Date: 18-OCT-2007 05:45 PM  Document Size: 111616 bytes

outcome of consultation on website investment: outcome of consultation on website giving an overview of open season and investment plans
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